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Thinking of making your own graphics? Save the time, with our exclusive collection of scrap maker, which will create graphics as your wish. Bored with those small built-in orkut smileys? We've got a better collection of smilies with your emotions.Lets go down to get more.
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Thinking of animation in orkut as scraps?Now the time, with our exclusive collection of Flash Scraps.Here you can send flash as scraps with not much loading or any trouble.
Flash Scraps Throw your Shoe at Bush(Game)
Funny Flash Fun with a button
Birthday Flash Scraps Birthday Scrap
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Do you think your friends are not laughing or not enjoying by your scraps.Then,It's the time to think about how to make your friends laugh by your text scraps..Make a good relation with your friends by our Textscraps.
One day Sardrji Opened a new Auto mobile service center But,No vehicle came there Why? Becoz,he started the shop on Second floor!!!
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