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Inviting Scraps and Win prizes

.....If you are an graphics designer more over an creative man,now it is your chance to prove your creativity through Gorkut.

We are inviting creative Image scraps from our Indian users.

Showoff your Creative skills and Win Exciting Prizes Sponsored By Samco mobile world .
Remember The Most Hilarious and Humorous Entries have more chances to win the contest.
Valuable prizes,Gifts,coupons are awaiting you,Lets hurry up.

Your entries should send to

Terms and conditions
1. Entries must be owned by you,and more you must be an Indian.
2. Your entries must be jpg,gif,bmp,fla(flash file format)and should be in english,malayalam,hindi.
3. Your passport size photo and full address must be send with the entries.
4. Contest Result will be declared on 14th AUGUST 2009 6 p.m.
5. Prizes should be distributed only after 15 th of August.
6. A participant can submit Maximum 3 entries.
7. Selected entries will be post in Gorkut website.
8. Selected entries will be label with gorkut and your name.
9. The decision of Gorkut will be final and is not subject to any appeals or complaints.

Now its your turn,

Submit Your Entries at :

Laste date : 14 august 2009

example :