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Scrap and Win

You might have been using orkut for a while, and infact should have used lots of scraps - but why not make your valuable time in orkut worth something? We, Gorkut are introducing a new offer for orkutters - make your scraps worth it. You are entitled valuable prizes for your own scraps to your friends
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How does this work?
All you have to do is to tell your friend about our site, and ask him to use our featured scraps, and use them yourself to scrap your friends. The person who gets the highest number of scraps in return will be the winner.
How to join for the draw?
You must register in our form, and add our Gorkut Bot as your friend before you can participate.
Registration is limited to the first few registrants. So Hurry!!
Terms and Conditions
1. Only the scraps which has our link below it will be counted for the draw
2. You should have registered in the form befoe it is closed.
3. The decision of Gorkut will be final and is not subject to any appeals or complaints.
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