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Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS; 1,Too Many Questions. 2,Difficult to Understand. 3,More Explanation is Needed. 4,Result is always FAIL! You are a DONKEY!! d 4 decent o 4 outclass n 4 nice k 4 kind e 4 excelent y 4 young Arz kiya hai: I am a dog and u r a flower, gaur farmaiega I am a dog and u r a flower, so let me lift my leg n give u a shower!

Father on the day of graduation ceremony of his son asks him- What was the hardest thing u learned at College? How to open Beer bottles with teeth!

Difference between good girls & bad girls Good girls open a few buttons in hot atmosphere, but BAd girls open all buttons to make the atmosphere hot!

Who was the 1st Indian woman 2 fly abroad? ******** ******** ******** Sitaji with Raavan.

For a Pepsi- Shahrukh Khan, 4 a Fanta- Rani Mukherjee, 4 a Coke- Aamir Khan, 4 a Thumps up- Salman Khan, Chinta mat kar Yaar Kanche Waali bottle teri

The boy fell in love with a girl at second sight because in first sight he didnt know that she was very rich

God made man and then rested God made woman and then no one rested

What is the thinnest book in the world? What Men know about Women

Aim for the stars but first aim for their bodyguards

How Dogs and Women are alike Neither believe that silence is golden Neither can balance a checkbook Both put too much value on kissing

School :a place where father pays and son plays